In Juba or the portal to Dante’s Inferno!

Boy, is it hot!  Sleep has been at a premium.  Working Internet, an even higher premium.  Cannot get pictures to upload here on WordPress.  Not happy!  I will be posting some on my Facebook page (Jim Mixson).  The first training class was today.  Glad that my voice held as I don’t usually do much talking….I leave that to my wife!  We had nearly 50 in this class. It was very well received.  These pastors are excited about having these video tools to take back to their people.

In talking today about the ups and downs of farming, I shared about the flood that occurred in Columbia last October.  I shared with the pastors a little of Earl and Cynthia Pierce’s story.  They were amazed at God’s provision for the Pierces.

On Saturday, we will unload the container of supplies that was sent over by GAiN USA.  We have to find the fence parts and get the items sorted for distribution.  I am hoping that we can get done before it gets too hot.  Also praying we have the needed supplies for putting up the electric fence.  The controller was stolen and I’m not sure what else.  We have new controllers with us, but not sure about the rest at this point.

Did I mention it was hot?

I have been running on about 3-4 hours sleep since Sunday.  I finally got a little nap this afternoon after we finished the training.   That.  Was.  Nice.   Need to hit the bed now as we are getting an early start tomorrow.

Pray for my partner, Jon Ozmint, as he leaves Columbia on Saturday.


One thought on “In Juba or the portal to Dante’s Inferno!”

  1. Praying for your ministry, health, and endurance! Praying for the people to receive and understand. No doubt, you were called to this, Jim! To God be the Glory!


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