Greetings from Nairobi!


Well, it has been an eventful trip so far.  I was late in doing the booking for this trip, so I had to take what was available and relatively affordable.  That meant going through Paris.  Hope I don’t have to do that again!  What a hot mess!  But my checked bags liked it so much they decided to stay an extra few days!  I was assured they will make it to Nairobi tonight.  The only problem is I am flying to Kisumu tomorrow and won’t be able to retrieve them until I return.

Sunday was spent with Stephen Dinkins, who is Stephen Lincoln’s college roommate.  Stephen D. is now with the International Mission Board in Nairobi.  Stephen L. and Andrew Carr are in Nairobi to spend some time with Stephen D. and talk about how Shandon Baptist might support the work he is doing here.

Monday was spent securing irrigation supplies and talking with a new potential supplier.  I also met with Ibrahim Omondi to talk about ag development for a little while.  It actually took all day to do those three meetings.  Traffic in Nairobi is just horrible.  And today wasn’t really a bad day, traffic-wise.

I am staying with Mac and Ashley Magruder, who I met through With Open Eyes a couple years ago.  They graciously invited me to stay with them while in Nairobi.  Mac is now with the Center for Mission Mobilization.

I fly to Kisumu early tomorrow to go to the Neema Children’s home.  EDEN is looking to help install a drip irrigation system and possibly help with the drilling of a deep water well.  We will also talk about setting up a sewing center at the school.

I will try to do better on the pictures!  The one above was taken at the irrigation company I was at this morning.



One thought on “Greetings from Nairobi!”

  1. Well if you see Stephen D again tell him Hello from Rhonda (Elmore).  He is from Sumter where Rhonda is from and she baby sat him when he was about 4 or 5 and she was in high school.   He is now good friends with Rhonda’s sister, Ann Cannon.  Praying for a good trip and that you and your bags meet again soon. 

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