An overdue update

Good morning!  A lot has been happening, much of it behind the scenes, since our trip in January.  I want to share a few photos and update you on some of the goings on.


We had a family who saw the posts about the kitchen at Neema Children’s Home, in Kisumu, Kenya.  They rallied together and have funded the kitchen upgrade that we are working on.  Above is the new rocket stove that was recently installed.  We have another one on the way.  The cooks really love it.  It cuts down on their cooking time, it uses about half the wood, and it produces much less smoke.


EDEN helped connect the dots to get some food delivered to Neema, the Ajigo School and Orphanage, near Kisumu, and the Kiriko Special School, in Thika.  Through our partnership with GAiN USA and their partnership with Feed My Starving Children, nearly 3 tons of manna packs were delivered to these three locations.


EDEN was also able to supply some Uzima water filter kits to Neema and Ajigo.  These can be used to filter water from cisterns to make it drinkable.  At Ajigo School, they have to purchase water as they don’t have a well on site.  Many times the water that was bought was not clean.  These filters will help ensure safe drinking water for the students.

EDEN is working with the Neema Children’s Home board to get a rainwater harvesting system installed at the compound.  This water will be used for irrigation and if needed, for drinking.  A group of the board members are going to Neema in April and will be taking more drip irrigation supplies with them.

EDEN is also working to help Ajigo School and Orphanage with rainwater harvesting.  Their kitchen needs some upgrades as well.


The ladies at the Kiryandongo Refugee Camp in Uganda have been very busy with the Luopad Project.  EDEN supplied them with some new manual sewing machines and some material.  Saturday is their sewing day and they sew all day!  The UN officials at the camp want them to go to other camps to train other ladies how to make the pads.  What a great ministry to other women for these ladies to be a part of!


It is exciting to see things moving forward!  We have more work that needs to be done in so many areas.  And it all takes money to get it done.  If you would like to help support our efforts, we would welcome your donation.  If you would like to adopt a specific project, let us know and we will help with that.  Donations can be sent to:


1110 Blakely Court

West Columbia, SC  29170