A full Saturday!

Things started with some hurry up and wait this morning.  My host, Gabriel had to drive around looking for gas. One of his team ended up waiting in line most of the morning to fill up.

We sorted the container that had the supplies we had sent.  It was shipped here by GAiN. Can’t tell you how excited I was to find the box with the rest of the fence parts!

The headmaster of the YMCA school in Juba came to pick up the school supplies that Shandon Baptist collected.  He and the chairman of the school were waiting on me tonight when I got back to the hotel. They were very thankful for the supplies.

Later this afternoon, we drove out to a farm near the airport.   We installed a bucket irrigation kit and planted some Mississippi Silver Hull Crowder peas.

Everyone is very excited about the training I have done.  I think it will have been worth the effort.

Tomorrow I will worship with Pastor Gabriel and then travel to his home farm.  It is about 2 hours outside Juba.  I may not get another post done before Monday.  Wordpress still won’t upload pictures for me and I’m typing this on an iPhone!  Check Facebook for some pictures.



One thought on “A full Saturday!”

  1. So excited that the YMCA school received our supplies!!! Yay, God! Praying the children will be curious to know more about our God Who nudged us to do this for them. Help lead the believers to connect Him with those supplies! Praying for you guys!


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