EDEN – You mean the garden?

Well, sort of!  EDEN actually stands for Educational Development in Emerging Nations.  And we do work with gardens, among other things.  EDEN was formed by some missionally-minded folks in Columbia, SC to support the efforts of our missions partners in East Africa.

Young men working on the demonstration garden at Kiryandongo, Uganda

We will be providing agricultural, educational, health, and Christian training and support for indigenous pastors and peoples in these developing countries.  Our first team will be heading to Juba, South Sudan next week to perform agricultural training and to set up a demo garden using bucket drip irrigation kits.  We will also install an electric fence in a couple trial plots to study the usefulness of the fence in deterring monkeys that are stealing corn (maize).  Then we will head to Yei, South Sudan, to train at a vocational school.  From there we will journey to Kiryandongo, Uganda and train at a UN refugee camp that houses South Sudanese refugees.  Our last stop will be in Namanga, Kenya.  We hope that you will follow our blog and keep up with our adventures in East Africa!


3 thoughts on “EDEN – You mean the garden?”

  1. I will be praying daily for you as you go! It is going to be fun to see how God uses your efforts to serve Him in this way! Go, serve, bless…and be blessed!!


  2. No blog posts. Tells me you are busy for the Lord and we all need to pray to the Lord who knows exactly what you are doing, is directing your steps and has plans for how He wants to work in and through you. Praying.


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