Two of the travelers have made it to Uganda!  After a wedding tonight, David Taylor will be heading out tomorrow to join them! We are still working through some logistical hurdles with supplies, but are confident it will be an awesome trip for these guys!

My phone rang just a little bit ago and it was Jon Ozmint!  He, Mark, and their guide, Brian, had made it to the Jesse Hotel in Kigumba, about 30 minutes south of Kiryandongo.  Pastor Sosthen is coming to have dinner with them and they will discuss the schedule for the next few days at Kiryandongo.  Here is a view off the patio at the Jesse:


Mark’s only question was what was the score of the Carolina game?  Had to explain that the players weren’t even up yet!  Must be that Citadel math!  🙂  Jon said everything went well with their flights and getting in through customs.  Jon and Mark had 100 bucket drip kit parts bags packed along with 80 Luopad packs.  David will be taking another 58 Luopad packs with him.

The guys were able to meet with Tommy Hopson, who works with the International Mission Board, this morning as they were leaving Kampala.  The IMB is the missions arm of the Southern Baptist Convention.  They left a drip kit with him so that Tommy can have a demonstration of the kit in his garden.  He hosts many missionaries throughout the year and it will be a good opportunity for them to see the technology.

The team then traveled up to Kigumba, which is about a 4 hour drive.  They arrived safely and are getting ready for dinner…..remember, Uganda is 7 hours ahead of us time-wise.

Speaking of the Luopads, those 138 packs will bless 138 African women in a very special way.  In those 138 kits are a total of 828 pads, each individually sewn by women at Shandon Baptist Church and other area churches.  With those pads are over 3300 pieces of material that are hand cut from towels or flannel material.  We have an octogenarian, Mrs. Maxine Patterson, who spends hours each week cutting material for these pads.  She is the mother of several long time Shandon members.  What a blessing she is!

Kristin Mixson also met with the Women’s Missionary Union members of several churches in Ehrhardt, SC.  A teacher friend, Jana Chassereau called her to set it up.  The ladies had heard about the pad project and wanted to be involved.  Kristin will be going back to Ehrhardt in October for another sewing day there.

There will be a sewing night on Septemeber 12 from 4 til 7pm at Shandon Baptist Church in Columbia, SC.  Many hands make light the work!  You don’t have to knew how to sew…..you can help cut material or pack the kits.  The joy that these African women have upon receiving these pads is hard to describe.  Your donation of a few hours of your time will be an incredible blessing to these women!

Please be in prayer for our Uganda team!  David Taylor leaves on Sunday to join them and they will be working throughout next week.  If you would like to make a donation to help our efforts in East Africa, you can make your check payable to EDEN.  Our mailing address is 1110 Blakely Court, West Columbia, SC  29170.  All donations are tax deductible.  Thanks so much!




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