A few random thoughts..

It has been a long day.  Robert and I both awoke around 3am last night and could not get back to sleep.  At least the phone didn’t ring last night!  I had forgotten what wild dreams this malaria medication can evoke.  Maybe my brain decided it had had enough and didn’t want any more of those.  I’ll spare you the details!

I had also forgotten how much energy it can take to understand folks for whom English is a second language.   I think I have more sympathy now for folks from up North who come visit down South!  But thank the Lord these folks in Africa know English.  If it was up to me knowing Swahili, we would be in trouble indeed.

I have determined that I do not like warm (actually hot!) milk with my cereal.  I do not like it here.  I do not like it there.  I do not think I would like it anywhere!

As to the conference:  what’s up with all the acronyms?  It’s like somebody exploded a case of alphabet soup up in here!  I’ve never seen so many acronyms!

On a more serious note, it was a fruitful day at the conference.  I really was affirmed about some of what we are doing with EDEN through the dialog and presentations today.  Robert and I were both able to engage some other participants and have some good discussions.  I was able to connect with an irrigation supplier here in Arusha at the small trade show that was held.  Hopefully they can help with our supplies for this area.

We made it for the morning worship this morning.  It was a little different for the worship leader to have an Aussie accent, but neat to know that we serve the same God.  And He can understand us, no matter what the accent!

Sorry I didn’t get any pictures today, but we’ve been inside the hotel all day!  I’ll try to do better tomorrow!


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