Arusha, Tanzania

Mount Meru

After a 24 hour journey, we finally made it to Arusha, Tanzania.  The flights were relatively uneventful.  No crying babies!  Yay!  No sleep, though.  We got in along with about 300 other tired people at about 9pm.  The visa process was something else, however.  Had to wait and wait.  Get in this line to pay.  Then that line to stamp.  Then that line to take a picture.  Then that line to fingerprint.  Finally got out!  But then……customs!  They were not happy with our drip irrigation kits.  Tried to explain we were taking them to Kenya.  Back and forth.  At one point I thought I was going to have to pay a $170 duty on them….almost as much as they are worth here!  And to do it, I would have to leave the airport, exchange money and return because they would not take US dollars.  And by this time it is 10:30 or so.

Well, it was either my charm or Robert’s boyish good looks, but we got out without a duty!  Just kidding, know it was the Lord’s favor.  But…..we got outside and our shuttle to the hotel had left us!  Oh boy!  We talked with a taxi driver and he agreed to take us (about an hour drive).  Moses was a good driver, goes to church and farms a little.  We finally stumbled into our hotel at about 12:30.

Arusha, from a hotel balcony.

I think I got about 5 hours sleep last night.  Slept like a rock until my phone rang at 3:30….some toll free number from the US.  How does that work?  Thankfully, I fell right back to sleep.  Anyway, we had to be up early for the start of the conference.  It is sponsored byt ECHO, a group who promotes agricultural development around the world.  There is a pile of people here!  It is exciting to hear about what is going on.  Not much talk of South Sudan, though.


Robert and I nearly slept through the last two sessions… least I did anyway!  It has been a long day.  Think we will get a bite to eat and call it an early evening!


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