Finishing up at Kiryandongo

It’s always fun to find a home connection while in the camps!  Ben ran into William who was wearing a Shandon t-shirt that I had brought over in April of last year.  IMG_2992

I think Kristin spent the ENTIRE day on this covered patio sewing Luopads!  She didn’t eat lunch until about 3pm!  On mission!


And just behind the patio is the constant reminder of the need for water.  And that is the best student pastor in Georgia on the right, Garrett Grubbs, holding up some guttering that was being installed.


We talked with Pastor Sosthen about helping them with a corn sheller.  Previously, all the corn had to be taken off the cob by hand.


We were able to help with getting a machine and it was delivered just before we left.


The church will be able to use this to shell corn for people and develop it as a microenterprise.


I was able to visit with several nearby homes where they have installed the drip irrigation.  Here is James and his garden.  He is a medical technician and has worked for Samaritan’s Purse and MSF (Doctors Without Borders).  He evacuated his family from Lui, South Sudan in 2016.


His garden is right beside a water point, which is really convenient.


We also stopped by this gentleman’s house.  He is preparing to install his drip lines and wanted some instruction from the ‘professor!’  So I was glad to go and show him how to install it.  He will be using several kits on a larger size container.


It warmed my heart to go by the spot where Jon Ozmint and I helped install the first drip kits back in February 2016.  Pastor Sosthen is still using it and has switched to a larger container running several kits.  He has also integrated some banana trees into the plot, which is a great idea.


We said our goodbyes and left for Pakwach, albeit about 2 hours later than our driver wanted to leave!



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