On the Road to Arua

These are some scenes from our road trip from Kiryandongo to Arua.  In total about a 5 hour drive.  We did 2 hours on Monday afternoon and then completed the trip on Tuesday.


Somebody call Columbia Farms!!  They are hauling chickens the wrong way!!

A little monkey business.  I would not want to try to try to wrestle an ear of corn from that fellow!


I wish that we had time to stop and take a lot more pictures of the beautiful African landscape.  Simply wonderous to look at.  Tried to get a decent picture of an elephant we saw, but it just didn’t turn out well.  You’ll have to take my word that we saw one!

This is the Heritage Safari Lodge we stayed at on Monday night.  It is right beside the Nile River.  Beautiful.

The guy on the right up there was trying to eat a few bugs, but he wasn’t making a dent in the population!  It wasn’t until the morning when I noticed a 4 inch gash in the screen he was on.  Hoping he didn’t stow away in my luggage!


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