Field Trip and ECHO Center Tour

On Friday we were able to take part in a field trip during the morning.  We went out to a farm near Arusha were Tillers International was demonstrating some of their animal drawn equipment.  They are working to provide new tools for farmers to use with conservation agriculture.


ECHO was our host for the conference and they have a training center/tree farm/seed lab here in Arusha.  The director, Erwin Kinsey (on the right, below) is a wealth of information and it was a delight to get to spend some time with him.

Sorry for the fuzziness of this next picture.  But couldn’t resist.  Have no idea exactly what a snot apple is, but I definitely haven’t asked for any apple pie the last few days!


A group affiliated with Willow Creek Church in Chicago allowed us to tag along on their tour of the ECHO facility.  They are a great bunch of people and their director grew up in Augusta.  Small World.  They work in mostly southern Africa.  After the tour, they asked us to accompany them to dinner.  We went to Khan’s Barbeque.  If you ever find yourself in Arusha, you owe it to yourself to go eat there.  Good eats again!

As you can see we are eating outside.  The weather has been great.  Around 85 or 90 during the day and in the 60s at night.  Arusha is at a little higher elevation than some of the other locations we have been to.


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