A Whirlwind……

Training in Juba

That would be the best word to describe our trip to East Africa!  It was a busy, busy trip.  And it has taken a few weeks to really get adjusted back to US time.  And to try to catch up with life going on here.  I had my 6 month medical checkup earlier this week and I am sad to report that I lost no appreciable weight on Africa.  With all that work, I was hoping for a little reduction!


New Life Mission Staff in Juba

I got an email from Pastor Sosthen from Kiryandongo today.  I wanted to share the pictures he sent me of the okra that we planted.  It sounds like they are still dry but the irrigation is working well with the okra.


The Garden in Kiryandongo
An Okra Plant

Here is a little synopsis of our trip, by the numbers:

19,241 miles travelled in total

1777 miles traversed in Africa, between Kenya, South Sudan, and Uganda

123 pastors/wives/students/staff/business people trained

Items distributed among the 4 training locations:

40 drip irrigation kits                     45 tshirts                          30 neckties

360 packs of seed                              16 pounds of crowder pea seed

25 ball caps                                          4 sets of tools for preparing the buckets

28 USB cards with the training videos

10 Story of the Bible scarves

Installing a kit at the Harvesters in Yei

We were very pleased with the way that the trainees soaked up the information that we presented to them.  They were eager to learn and very receptive to what was taught.  We are encouraged that our efforts will make a difference in enabling these folks to produce food for their families during the next dry season.

Our plans for this year include distributing another 750 drip kits, along with some grain storage bags.  While our trip to Africa was fully funded, we still need some funds to fulfill the costs of this second phase.  If you would like to be a part of our work in East Africa, please let us know.

We want to wish you all a happy Easter!  The Easter message of love and redemption is why we are doing all that we are doing in East Africa.


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