Whew! What a trip!

Jon and I are cooling our heels at the Nairobi Airport waiting on our flight home.  We goofed off a little today by going to the Nairobi Wildlife Park to see some animals.  The guy who drove us wanted to get us out early as the animals are more active then.   The park is only a 15 minute drive from downtown Nairobi….depending on the traffic….which can be horrendous.  So we left the hotel at 6:30….*groans*  An overnight flight tonight to Amsterdam and then home tomorrow!

And about that hotel….the Nairobi Hilton…nice to be back in civilization!  We could have hung meat in the room last night!  And all the water pressure we wanted.  Good clean water, too!  There was even a Pizza Inn and a Chicken Inn across the street!


We made it to the Wildlife Park a little before 7.  Got checked in and started our adventure.  The first 10 minutes we didn’t see any animals, but there was plenty of evidence on the road…..you can thank me for sparing you the pictures!

We finally ran across some water buffalo.  Not long after, a pride of lions crossed in front of us.  The water buffalo were not happy.  They weren’t having any of those lions around their calves.  We got to see a nice little standoff.

You want a piece of me??

Soon, we noticed a male lion walking in the grass on the left.  On the far side of the lion was an antelope.  He was standing still and keeping his eye on that lion.



Jon began giving our driver, Joseph, a hard time about that lion being a vegetarian because he did not attack the antelope.  ‘Are we going to have to go back to Uganda to see some manly lions?’  Joseph got a kick out of that.  We went a little further down the road and then turned around.  When coming back, the water buffalo were crossing over the road again.  Then the male lion crossed….and walked toward the car before going back into the bush on the right.  He was huge!

Poppa Lion walking toward our car.

A few seconds later, a momma lion came out of the bush on the left and came toward the car.  She did not divert back to the bush, but came on down past the car on Jon’s side.  You should have seen how fast he rolled up the window as she approached!  I don’t think he was thinking about her being a vegetarian at that point!

Later, we came across a herd of female antelope with their young.  They reminded me of our white tail deer.  Very agile.




We also ran across several herds of giraffes.  They looked so graceful!


Of course, we had to have a flat tire when we were about three quarters the way through the park!  You are NOT supposed to get out of the vehicle!  So Jon and I had to stand watch while Joseph did a tire change that would have made NASCAR proud!


Yes, we survived!  Got to see some amazing animals.  I took some good video as well that I will share later.  We headed back to the hotel to finalize packing and come on to the airport.

I am going to try to do a couple more posts tonight before the flight and catch you up on some of our other adventures.  I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post them as they have happened.  Internet is a squirrelly thing in Africa!

This has been an amazing trip.  At every stop, everyone has really taken to the training that we did.  They are very excited about using the drip irrigation kits.  We look forward to good reports in the future of the benefits of our efforts.  We thank you for your support of what we are doing.


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