Don’t know where to start…..

Three or four days without internet has been trying to say the least.  We may not have gone to the end of the world, but we did go to the end of the internet!  The hotel was supposed to have access, but I think we were sold a bill of goods that wasn’t going to materialize!  Jon and I are now in Entebbe, waiting to board our flight to Nairobi.  We will drive to Namanga, Kenya for the last training session.

View from the terminal at Entebbe Airport.  Lake Victoria is in the background.

Our time in Kiryandongo was special.  Pastor Sosthen is a great pastor with a real heart for people.  The situation in their area in South Sudan (Lui) is really bad.  He does not want his children growing up in war and strife as he had to.  They have no plans for going home anytime soon. IMG_1516.JPG

Pastor Sosthen’s team had prepared a wonderful garden with beds for us to put the drip irrigation on.  Everyone was really excited to learn about the system and how to use it.  We planted some okra seed and covered the bed with straw for mulch.


Pastor Sosthen has installed a 1000 liter tank beside the garden which will fill from the public water system.  They will use that water to fill the buckets for the drip system.

Well, got a boarding call, so that’s all for now!


2 thoughts on “Don’t know where to start…..”

  1. Oh, I can see the hose lines running down the field for the drip irrigation! I didn’t realize you were able to take that many drip irrigation kits with you on this trip. Hooray! How many more kits do you plan to ship to Kiryandongo before next fall’s dry season?


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