Training Day II

Our training was to start at 9 this morning. The participants were provided tea and doughnuts for breakfast.  In typical fashion, it was around 10 before we actually started.  As I got over to the Vocational Training Center at about 8:30, I was able to see the preparation work that Ronald and his helpers had been doing.  Ronald is a Ugandan who is the ag instructor for the VTC.  They had some beautiful beds prepared.

Jon earning his keep installing bucket racks.

We ended up with about 15 participants this morning. There was a nursing mother, another lady who runs several businesses in Yei, some former students of the VTC, a man who runs a crop advisory service here in Yei, and some other farmers from the area.  Pastor Hillary, who runs the church at the Harvesters Compound, led us in a song.  He then said a few words and prayed for our day.


Everyone was excited about what we presented. Many questions were asked by many of those in attendance. Jon helped keep me on track by asking some clarification questions along the way. We decided to postpone the outdoor session until Thursday morning as it was so hot by the time we finished up the classroom material at 4.  One of the attendees was disappointed by this as he wanted to see the irrigation in action.

‘Professor’ Mixson listening intently to a question.  Metta (standing on the left) was a great translator.

On Thursday, we will put in the drip irrigation and plant some seed!


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